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The SEADIVE®/OCEANWAYS® company is the leading innovator in recent years of new vision enhancement lenses made for the scuba diver and snorkeler.

These new lenses have given the viewer better retention of colors normally lost at depths, better definition of viewed objects, and relaxed undeterred vision.

The new enhanced lenses are made by applying specially selected oxide coatings to both sides of standard and TruVu (ultra-clear) lenses.

These special lenses are sold exclusively to SEADIVE®/OCEANWAYS® by a professional optical glass company specializing in oxide coatings. Each enhanced glass is thoroughly tested to confirm that the oxide application completely fulfills its intended purpose.

UV-Glare Blocker Lenses block UV/Glare to relax eyes and let in more light, giving better definition of viewed objects.

TruVu Lenses are made of
impurity-free, ultra-clear
glass that lets in more light.

RayBlocker-HD Lenses block UV/Glare and reduce harsh white light to BluRay for comfortable viewing and high definition.

TrueColor Lenses pick up colors normally lost at depths.